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Namita Biswas, the owner of Basak Associates is an analyst and entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in the legal field. She is an agile woman and takes care of the overall process of registration. Namita is instrumental in advising the team and her sole aim is to make Basak Associates a truly renowned registration company.

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Marketing expert

Namita is well aware of the business competition in this industrial age. With proper planning and procedure, she organizes proper marketing and advertisement campaign. This will help to expand the company and also drive more customers to the company.

Perfect planner

Namita regulates a business registration plan with proper care. It includes a description of the registration services, methods of financing the business, deadlines for the registration, and look after the overall goal.

Hires the professionals

The owner of Basak Associates is prepared to hire the most suitable employees for her company. Handling business legalities is not an easy task. Hence, selecting the experts will help in nurturing the company. Namita with her experience is able to employ the most suitable individuals for their respective designations.


The customers are satisfied with the high-quality solutions provides by our expert team. A satisfied customer is a happy customer.

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