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Get your start-up registered by the Business Registration experts in Kolkata. We offer complete customer satisfaction and solutions to all business-related legalities with sincerity and integrity.

Purpose & Values

Our primary goal is to deliver complete customer satisfaction with our budget-friendly services.

Basak Associates aims to deliver the best possible service to their clients. We believe you deserve access to our most experienced legal experts to work with you for the best outcome. We keep our pricing clean and simple with no hidden costs. It works for businesses of all shapes and sizes.



Simple, Fast, and Professional.



Our company was established in the year 2000 with the primary aim to provide a comprehensive section of company registration services to the business owners.

Started Flourishing

With a team of experts, we started our mission to provide quick and best registration services to various businesses in Kolkata.

Started Expanding

We started with a small team who were able to make our clients happy with the best registration services. With the increasing demand in the market, we started to expand our business all over Kolkata.

What we are today

Basak Associates provides the most efficient and reliable way to register a business. We register companies all across Kolkata.
I am proud to be the owner of the company. The legal experts of Basak Associates provide expert services with due care and proper solutions. The team provides cost-effective and high-technology facilities to all our clients in Kolkata. It is the fact that we all can work, but together we all will win.
Owner of Basak Associates
Nomita Biswas Owner of Basak Associates
I am glad to be a part of this organization since 2008. We are an authorized company registering start-ups and small businesses from all over Kolkata. The chatter accountants with their skill, targets to draw the best registration results for the customers.
Manager of Basak Associates
Amitabha Paul Manager of Basak Associates

Legal Management Experts

Meet our leadership team.

Anywhere in Kolkata Quick & Easy Process

Put your business in safe hands. Here is what you can get from us

  • Online company registrations
  • Offline company registrations
  • Fast formation
  • Licensing Services
  • Annual Compliance
  • Free advice and quote
  • 24/7  customer support

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